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    My name is Alia Shah.
    I provide massage and wellness services that help people feel their best possible self. Contact me below to book a massage or ask questions, I'm so glad you stopped by!
    Massage Rates
    • 60 minutes - $108 ($130 onsite)
    • 90 minutes - $162 ($180 onsite)
    Remote Healing Session Rates
    • Remote Healing Session - $115 (~20 minute call, ~40 minute Remote Healing session, follow up email report)
    Onsite at your Home or Office.
    Half Moon Bay (BalanCenter Massage @210 Main St - see pictures below).

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  • Services Alia provides include:

    Deep Relaxation

    Integrated 30-60 minute sessions aimed at optimal performance and wellness

    Gentle Massage


    Energy Work


    Corporate Wellnes

    Participate in Wellness Weeks and Offer ongoing Sessions

    Work with executives and those in the greatest need.


    Deep Relaxation
    Deep Tissue
    Swedish Massage
    Sports Massage
    Trigger Point
    Gentle Reiki & Healing


    A gentle hands-on healing technique
    based on the principle that the practitioner can channel energy into the client by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the client's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. 

    Remote Healing Sessions

    Deep emotional and meditative healing. It involves a three part remote session over the phone and/or email.

    Contact Alia above to find out more.


    A few clients call this a "massage to the soul".

  • Remote Healing Energy Sessions Now Available

    Hear what clients are saying about this truly unique and powerful experience...

    Reflection on the Experience

    Pre-massage Healing Energy Session

    "I love massage and the idea of a remote session that wasn’t hands on, felt kind of “eeeh....meh”.


    I was shocked at how deeply the [remote session was]. I could experience myself more deeply and the energy inside of me and where in my body I was clenching and it helped to just open and relax into it.


    The summary you gave me in the email was really helpful and I’m looking forward to reading that more a few times this week.


    So I’m kind of a convert. Massage is great, but this was like massage of the mind and body in a very profound way."



    - Walter

    Mobile Health Entrepreneur


    Feedback on the Impact

    Thoughts a few hours later

    "I just finished my first session a few hours ago and there was an immediate impact. I felt more relaxed, more present with my thoughts, my sensations and my emotions.


    It felt like I wasn’t just aware of them, but it actually had an impact on me. That’s a new relationship to my thoughts, sensations and emotions."

    - Walter

    Mobile Health Entrepreneur


    Words for potential clients

    What would you say to others?

    "For someone who hasn’t ever heard of a remote session before, I would say the fact that you found this website or you met Alia, is a sign that this is something you might want to try.


    It kind of goes beyond the thinking mind and rationality and is just something you need to experience. The most profound part of it, I found, was just opening up and paying attention to sensations, my emotions and be fully present with it. Just that, just the curiosity, it seemed like a way to step into a fully connected self.


    I knew I was impacted at deeper levels than just the mind. So i’d say give it a shot, be open to it and see what it’s like for you. And then pay attention the next week, what are some of the typical thought patterns, action pattern, emotion patterns that come up. And be curious of what new response might be there when you can be fully connected to your mind and body in that moment."

    - Walter

    Mobile Health Entrepreneur


  • We now accept online payments.

    Pay in-person or online after booking a massage.